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Check our new release. The album is called 11, and contains mantras of eleven minutes each. Perfect for meditation and reaching a deeper inner space.

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December 19 - December 23
At the "Kundalini Yoga festival Nederland"
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Sat Narayan Mantra

Go with the flow. Allow the sacred current of your thoughts to ebb and flow with your breath. Feel your love flow like a river into all the hidden chambers of your heart. Let this mantra glide over your tongue. The Chotay Pad Mantra, more commonly known as Sat Narayan, connects you to the water element and helps you go with the flow of your life.
The more we can relax and allow ourselves to be in a state of non-resistance, the greater inner peace we can find within. From this state of inner peace, we can project outward peace, happiness, and good fortune.
To chant this mantra for inner peace, you can sit in easy pose with your hands in gyan mudra (thumbs and forefingers touching). Chant for 11 minutes, or for any length of time that brings you peace. Chant while you cook, while you drive, while you walk. Just chant!
Allow this mantra to fit into the flow of your life and bring you peace.



‘11’is a symbol for the channel, a channel to evoke the divine sound. The mantras on this cd are all 11 minutes long. You can meditate with them. But they are also wonderful to just listen to.

Price (digital download) €8.99



‘Sadhana’ is a rendition of the Aquarian Mantras from Kundalini Yoga. It is to accompany a practice of self remembrance and are often sung in the early morning hours after practicing a yoga set.

Price (digital download) €8.99

Sa Re Sa Sa


Sa Re Sa Sa is for healing meditation. Adversity melts before this mantra. This mantra takes away negativity from within oneself awakening the Infinite Creative energy to burn away obstacles to achieving higher consciousness.

Price (digital download) €1.99

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Order our digital downloads by doing a bank transfer of the appropriate amount stating (1) the name of the album and (2) your email address. You will receive your music as soon as we have received your transfer. Please make out your transfer to: The Daleeps Yoga-Concerten IBAN: NL92KNAB0255496249 If you would like a physical cd or are having problems with your order, please drop us a line at:

Meditate with the Mantra Music of The Daleeps

Mantra artist couple The Daleeps consists of Mira Maas (Daleep Kaur) and Daniël van der Zee (Daleep Singh). They have been together since they were 13 and 17 years young. Married a few years ago. They have two children.

Their spiritual music is about the pure expression of joy. To share their inner world. To express the divine energy. To allow the listener to witness ‘what is.’

It is like entering a space. A space of luminous contentment. Crystal like voices and subtle arrangements, but never becoming spaced out. They retain a sense of presence. Guaranteed to lift the listener up into a higher state.



For inquiries / concerts The Daleeps are reachable by phone +31 618 0389 09 and mail